MIRACLE OF DENIM  Be independent

Creating incredible things out of denim is our greatest passion at MIRACLE OF DENIM. Designed to fit perfectly, every piece we make enhances the allure of denim. And since we believe there’s strong value in pursuing our own ideas and imagination our claim is: “Be independent”.

By relying on our own production facilities, we can do just that. At our in-house laboratory, we test and optimize every piece of apparel our designers create to produce clothing with an equal measure of perfect fit, function and fashion.
Every pair of our jeans is inspected by many highly trained employees to ensure their quality and individuality meet our high standards. No pair of MIRACLE OF DENIM jeans is like the other; each is unique.

We set great store by environmentally friendly production. For example, our production methods use much less water than usual.

“Be independent” is both a challenge and a statement for our brand, because we believe there’s nothing better than being independent and doing things ourselves, from the original design and product development all the way through to production.

Hardy Krüger Jr. wears MIRACLE OF DENIM
Hardy Krüger Jr. is one of Germany’s most successful actors. The son of actor Hardy Krüger has played many leading roles in films for cinema and television. He has also made a name for himself as a theatre actor, is a UNICEF ambassador and is involved in many other social projects. In addition, Hardy Krü- ger Jr. is a successful photographer, painter, author and blogger. Hardy Krüger Jr. wears MIRACLE OF DENIM